So Far So Good

So, I have been following a LCHF diet (Low Carb High Fat) since July 5th.  My starting weight was 239.  Today I got on the scale and am 233.5.  Can we all say yeah!!!!!  I am not hungry, which I should stress, I am not craving sweets either.  I admit this morning is the first time I am starting to get over the low carb withdrawal symptoms.  Thank goodness.  Not too bad, but enough to bug me.  I also want to through out there something I noticed this week, I was not tired in the afternoon.  This is a big change for me.  I started a new job back in March, where I now work in a cubicle, and every afternoon I am so tired.  Of course I would eat something sweet to give me more energy.  Mistake, yep, still tired, but tasted good. 🙂

I understand I have a ways to go, but I also know this is a diet I can eat anywhere.  My new position is a training position where I go all over California.  So this means eating out for four days at a time.  With this diet I know I can do that and not worry about how to accommodate my diet.  All meat is good as well as how it is cooked.  I am a daily weigh in type of gal, so it will be interesting when I return next Thursday (I leave Monday) to see how much weight I have lost.

On the right track – yeah.

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