Possible Answer

I want it now.  Does that sound about right.  I want it now, I want to see result immediately – hey I gave up all the good stuff now reward me.  I was walking around my building today during my break and those were the thoughts, the beginning of a diet is always the hardest.  There are no immediate results, unless it’s headaches from giving up sugar/carbs.  You may lose a pound or two, but you can’t see it (plus we all know it’s just water weight anyway). But I see this as the answer, the first days have no visual reward so we tend to cheat, have that one piece of candy, that extra helping of pasta.

I admit it, my starting weight this time around was 239.  I was 219 in December.  Ugggg, but a girl has to start somewhere, right?  Well this is my somewhere.  I started on Tuesday, what a day lets make a new start on July 4th.  When I got on the scale this morning I saw 235.7.  Yeah.  Again, I can’t see it anywhere, but much happier seeing it go the other direction.  I tell one of my friends who is doing a program that same thing, even if it’s not a large weight loss it is still moving the other direction.

Of course, I enjoy looking and reading about others who have achieved the dream of losing 100 pounds, it’s wonderful to know it can be done.  I understand they did not take a magic pill, they did not wake up one morning free of all the weight.  Whether low carb, calorie counting or weight loss surgery it all takes work.  Of course as I was reading one of the entries I read a gal state she wanted to lose the weight now while she was still young enough to enjoy it, not when she was 50 or 60.  Oh my – I am 51.  I don’t feel that if I lost the weight I wouldn’t enjoy it.  What does everyone else think?

So, here it is peeps, looks like I am back on track.  Please feel free to comment.  I need all the support I can get.

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