Welcome to my journey

I am tired of getting on the scale and letting it decide whether I am doing good or not.  I have read all the articles, heard all the discussions that we shouldn’t let the scale have that type of control, but it does.  I have also read the articles that state if you go off your plan, just get right back on.  Sounds great.  But if losing weight were that easy, no one would be fat.  There is no magic pill, no easy way to do it.  In all the time I have lost weight it has been work.  I just wish I could have stayed at it.

I am sure we all say the same thing – tomorrow will be better.  I will stay focused, I will not eat that cookie that is sitting in my desk.  I will not eat the extra slice of pizza at dinner tonight.  But if you are anything like me you will.  You will not feel good about it, but you will do it by saying I will get back on my plan later.  Or better yet one cookie won’t hurt.  Your right one won’t, but the second, third and forth just might.

We all know it can be done, we see the article, we watch TV.  Yes, there are people who can and if they are lucky they are able to keep it off.  I am sure you have heard the stories about the Biggest Loser where they regained their weight, and in some cases even more than they lost.  It can be disheartening to know that not only is it a struggle to get it off, it is a whole different struggle to keep it off.  Does the battle never end?

I am looking for like minded people to band together, to help keep up the motivation.  Hear the struggles, the successes and share what works for us and what didn’t.  I can’t guarantee that I will lose the weight, but I know I need to give it at least one more try.

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